Parkiety na miarę czasu...

ANTIQUE PARQUETS products are made of the solid wood and in two- layered system.

Two-layered floors can be used for the under-floor heating.

The two-layered boards are made of oak and birch plywood.

The main materials used for production of wooden floors are oak and ash-as one of the hardest types of wood.

From the design to the fitting: we realize projects of fitting the floor adopting the right size of the cassette

or chevron to the given interior.

We have adopted the very important rule: the design of the floor is the most important!

Our experts will visit the construction site all around Poland in order to check the condition of the concrete floor.

In order of repair or enhancement of the concrete floor we will choose proper materials so that

you can enjoy our floor without any problems.

Moreover, we cooperate with the professional teams of flooring contractors thanks to which we can assure you to buy

the floor and its fitting and 8% VAT.

You will save 15 % VAT !!!

Wood classification oak :

Premier (PR) - no faults, natural colour of the wood, acceptable small,

natural discolouration non contrasting with the wood colour ,

no cracks, small knots up to 8 mm, light, non contrasting with the wood

Classic (CL) – diversified wood colour, natural discolouring,

shallow surface cracks (filled) of 30 mm long, knots sound,

tight up to 25 mm, pips max diameter 10 mm (filled),

no whiteness, frontal cracks up to 10 cm long on both sides (filled)



Technical information