Parkiety na miarę czasu...


Abroad known and admired for ages-now it finds its lovers in Poland.

Herringbon is ideal for both the classic and modern interiors.

It is a classy French design, its original name is: Point de Hongrie.

Right and left planks are cut under the angle of 45 or 60 degrees.

All planks are tongued and grooved.

Herringbone pattern is sold ready to be fitted (varnished, oiled) or raw.

After fitting with the adhesive, the raw floor needs sanding and next lacquering or oiling.

Buying the finished floor- you just fit it on the ground and that's it!

Available dimensions:

Thickness: 14 or 22 mm (solid); 16 or 20 mm (two-layered system)

Width: 80 - 120 mm

Length: 500 – 800 mm

There is a possibility of making the individual dimensions on order.


Herringbone is ideal for both the classic and modern interiors